The Innowise Center for Adult Educators encompasses diverse learning and development activities for adult educators and contributes to the development of the adult education as a profession. It is a place for learning and development within adult education. Our mission is to support the professional development of adult educators, to create quality and diverse learning opportunities, and to promote the quality of adult education. We carry out open training, on-demand training as well as consultations on human development, training, and development of training systems. Innowise creates learning opportunities for anyone who works with people in the area of Adult Education.

Advantages of our training:

• Learning is practical and geared towards skills acquisition.
• Learners are active participants, not passive listeners.
• Trainers are professionals in their field who have not only specialist knowledge but also trainer skills.
• Training programs (or curricula) are designed by adult education experts.
• Learning uses a variety of diverse approaches to support development.
• Participants are able to make contacts with other people interested in development and learning by participating in the training.
• You will be able to get inspirational feedback on your practice and what you have learned so far and plan your future development.

We believe that more than ever, people's success is based on their ability to learn - to learn more, to re-learn, to understand what they need to learn, and to use what they have learned. And more than ever, we need people around us who bring about change, create the conditions for development, and help us learn effectively and efficiently.

OÜ Innowise is a cooperation partner of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

OÜ Innowise is a member of the Estonian Adult Educators Association Andras

For transnational cooperation please contact:

Sigrid Aruväli
+372 55 541 081